Friday, November 15, 2013

Every Day

by Jonathan Walton, from The Second Verse, 2006
The eye of heaven
pours its luminance
upon the Earth
and stirs its inhabitants
into a new beginning
Beaks are released
from the tufts of wings
and nature’s chorus
surrenders new songs
for a new day
Eyes of all kinds
rise to find light
filling all spaces
‘tis a blessed sight
To behold this new day
begun in the same way
it may seem routine
and hold no special place
But every single time
that light cracks the east sky
it is the most amazing moment
up to that point in life
Because without that awakening
That initial opening of your eyes
There is no success or excellence
no chance of opportunity
Each and every day
dawn stretches her arms
out over the mountains
and down into the valleys
Into each inlet
and across every island
Around every sound
and through each isle
We all have the greatest
reason to smile
Because endless--
are our possibilities
is our potential
Life is waiting for us
And we must be ready to meet it.

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