Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Shine in the dark

Shine in the dark
by Luci Shaw
from A Widening Light, Regent College Publishing, 1984

I From a dark dust of stars
kindled one, a prick of light.
Burn! small candle star,
burn in the black night.
In the still hushed heart
(dark as black night)
shine! Savior newly born,
shine, till the heart's light!

II Into blackness breached with white
the star shivers like a bell.
God of birth and brightness
bless the cool carillion
singing into sight!
Plot its poised pointing flight!
Dark has its victories
tonight, in David's town.
But the star bell's tongue
trembles silver still
in your felicity.

III The stars look out on
roofs of snow.
They see the night,
a velvet glow
with amber lanterns
shining so.
God searches through
the sweep of night.
Is there a heart that burns
warm and bright
to warm God's own heart
at the sight?

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